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  The picture shows us a dialogue between a father and a son. The son told his father, “Dad, I’m a bit worried about disposing of nuclear waste”. While his father told him, “If you can empty the dustbin here you can do anything”. It reveals the importance of doing small things well before undertaking something big. There is also an old Chinese saying to go with this that a person can’t sweep the world before he can sweep his own room.

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  I agree on the point that it is of great importance for a person to do small things well before undertaking something big. First of all, doing small things well entail the qualities that needed in doing great things such as patience and ability of controlling time. For example, when we sweep our room, we need to manage our time and energy reasonably. Accordingly, if we sweep a bigger room, for example, a classroom with our classmates, we should learn how to cooperate and allot assignments as well. And a big advantage is that we can draw useful lessons from the failure of performing well because they didn’t cost a lot.


  In another word, though these things seem trivial, they reinforce our manipulative ability and thus our understanding to the world. Therefore, we should not ignore the small things.

  子:Dad, I'm a bit worried about disposing of nuclear waste(管理核废料卡塔尔


  父:If you can empty the dustbin(垃圾筒) here, you can do anything

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  We can see from the illustration there is a father talking to his son.  Having heard his son’s words “Dad, I am a bit worried about disposing of nuclear weapons”, the father replies, “If you can empty the dustbin here, you can do anything”, pointing the garbage can beside him。

  Funny and common as the conversation sounds, it reflects that the father intends to advise his son to do small things before undertaking the big. Unquestionably, doing small things is the first step of success and will lay root for doing something big. By doing something small, we are enabled to accumulate experience, master skills and train ourselves to be more patient. In other word, we can be well prepared for further challenges in the course of fulfilling small things. By contrast, those who set out to do something big will be constantly haunted by disappointment, frustrations or even failures. As when opportunity “something big” appears, they can hardly seize them because of the lack of experience and confidence stems from doing small things. Taking the picture presented above as a case in point, how can the little boy succeed in disposing of nuclear weapons if he even doesn’t know how to empty the dustbin?

  From my perspective, under no circumstances should we undervalue the power of doing small things. Instead, we should regard small things as the source of experience, skills and the prerequisite of success. “Great achievement only belongs to those who can do small things perfectly。” Aristotle once said。

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  What the author illustrates in the picture reflects a hot topic which causedour concern: the importance of doing small thingsbefore undertaking something big. It is true that we are likely to overcomesome obstacles if we are proceeding forward to achieve success. However,this is the quality that many people lack in。

  Asthe father in the picture says, those who can empty the dustbin in the roomfirst can tackle the big problems afterwards. Likewise, if one cannot deal withthe things in hand, he or she must fail in the following knotty problems. Wecan easily notice the phenomenon that the people who are in possession of thisquality finally become successful figures, such as Ma Yun, first worked as anordinary employee in a small company, and then created his own business empireafter years of sufferings。

  Tosum up, it is imperative that we all should possess the quality of doing smallthings, and put more emphasis on the details, only through this can weundertake the responsibilities of tackling big problems。